Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become stained due to a number of factors. Food, drinks, smoking, certain medications can all have an impact. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure (only if under the prescription of a dentist). A safe dental bleaching is used and the amount of whitening that can be achieved is down to the level and type of staining and the underlying colour of the teeth.

We now offer Enlighten teeth whitening, the only whitening system to GUARANTEE to whiten your teeth to B1 shade, check out the link:


Ask at Reception for more details. Cost £650.

Whitening is never permanent and treatment has to be ongoing to maintain the degree of whiteness. Bewbush offers Zoom whitening, a home whitening treatment which involves the making of whitening trays, specifically for the patient and the regular wearing of the trays (usually at night) in conjunction with a bleaching agent that is applied to the trays before wearing.