We proactively ask patients to tell us how they found us. We love to receive suggestions as to how we can improve. As well as a written review we also ask patients to give us video testimonials, but we know that not everyone is comfortable with this format! Patients will often tell us that seeing (and hearing) another patients experiences is a huge benefit to them. It might help them have the courage to start a life changing treatment, so helping them properly smile, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

It may be that you decided to have treatment done, after watching a patient testimonial. We are only asking you to help others in the same way. But we definiately won't be offended if you don't like the idea of a short video, a few lines about how you felt before and after treatment, is really appreciated.

My first visit to this practise was for an emergency extraction. Needless to say I had not visited a dentist for many years prior to this. Now I have a twice yearly checkup every year without fail. The only reason for this is Cony. She is by far the best dentist I have ever had. She is extremely friendly, caring and professional. Would thoroughly recommend this practise.

Mr C Cable

Excellent. My dentist is Tony Heath he has been my dentist for years.He is so thorough professional and gentle.I have moved away but travel back to see him. The practise is friendly clean and family friendly. All the dentists are of a very high standard on speaking to other patients in the waiting room.

Mrs T Maiden

I was usually very nervous of dentists. But the bewbush practice is so welcoming, and genuinely very kind. When you go in it is not like a buisness, how you are treated is in a very friendly but professional way. Connie is lovely and puts you at ease, explains everything about what she is doing, the reception staff, and the nurses are all very helpful,and i have noticed over the years that they all help each other.I would highly recommend this dental surgery to any one looking for one.

Mr & Mrs Wheeler

Been a customer/patient for about 8 years and I would never go to dentist unless I was in pain. I would never have anything done unless I was numb. They are patient and emphasise with scared patients. I would highly recommend cony, I cannot see anyone other than cony. Best dentist I have ever had. I trust her and I go to every appointment. Yes I'm a paying customer but I cannot fault the practice at all from the cost, the receptionist, hygenist they are all exceptional nap and very professional,caring and excellent.

Miss T Nye